Urgent HELP needed....

Anyone know where I can buy a credit card machine TODAY? (Not shipped) Our machine is dead and I need one ASAP!


It should be possible to accept credit cards the old fashioned way with a slider and by writing down the info and keying it in later… even a day or two later.

Also, offering a small discount for cash or check will switch quite a few customers away from the card which will make the above easier to deal with if that is what it comes to.

I imagine your c/c processor has a system in place already for voice authorization.

I’m sure you’ve already though about this but do you happen to have one in storage from your store that you closed?

This might be a long shot…but are you near any large retailers that might lend you one of theirs. I am not sure if you can hook up any reader to any system so I might be way off. If you can…maybe someone near you has two or more stations and would allow you to do this. The other option that would be a bit of work…but you could tell your regulars they will get billed later…and the others you could take checks for a day or two and also…how close is the local ATM? Offer discount of ATM fee if they bring the receipt in.

Hey, Just curious…does anyone have an ATM in their locations. One of the best broasted chicken places here has never taken plastic. Up until 2 years ago…they didn’t have the ATM. Cash and checks only. Now cash only…no checks…but at least they have the ATM in house.

I’m a little late to chime in, but in case you’re still having trouble tomorrow or the issue comes up elsewhere…our processor (Mercury) has an online portal that you can key transactions into. It’s a higher rate, but for just a day or two, worth it.

Thanks for the repies…ended up having to do it Old School it was quite amusing. Good conversation with customers about it and the olden days and really not as bad as I thought. But glad it is over.

Yeah the store we closed had one but we sold it with the building…funny tho I was tempted to go down and offer her a couple hundred for it cuz I was that desperate.

Mental note: order more old school slips and an extra terminal. LOL

Thanks for the ideas tho :mrgreen:

No POS Kris?

Nope…we use 2 carbon dine in tickets and 3 part delivery tickets.

Would love a pos but having just paid off over 150,000 in debt I will NEVER borrow a dime again. POS will have to wait until I have the cash to pay for them.



If you can save up about $800 then a 2 station Point of Success will probably lower your per-order costs. They have a new “free” version of their software that still only requires you have the hardware. It won’t have every bell and whistle . . . . but 3-part carbons are pricey per ticket and the POS labels are less than a penny each. No more writing deciphering, no more fighting over correct abbreviations.

POS even in my small operation made us incredibly more efficient, but then again, you have another hardware item that could fail.

without a doubt a pos is on our list of things we need. As you know we just closed and sold a location. Gonna enjoy the debt free train for a bit and save cuz I would like all the bells and whistles. LOL

No question with our volume we should have gotten one years ago…so we continue to learn :smiley:

Kris. Deficit spend if you have to! We took over a small operation that worked on a paper and pencil system and it was just absurd. I put in a 4 terminal Point of Success system and it has paid for itself 10x over. Just having the time clock where your employees don’t have the tendency to round up to the closest 15 minutes pays for itself. If you time stamp, how much time are you spending recording that information? I can’t tell you how many advantages that little system has given me, or how much time it’s saved me (the scheduling software is more than worth the money too). If you set up your server computer with a logmein.com account, you can do so much extra work from home or even check in on what’s going on. I can actually shave off 5 hours a week easy just by having this system in place.