Urgent, I need a space / tables quote

I want to sell 150-300 pizzas a day. I remember reading a similar thread on these forums but I can’t find it again. I need to know roughly how much space I will need in total, and how many tables are required factoring in a meal time, and rush hour. I have estimates but I am not very confident. An investor is very interested and asking for the business plan so I am working non-stop on it. I hope you will be able to help me out with this, and if you need a favor in return please ask.

Thank you!

I remember the thread I read had a standard square foot per person as is necessary by government standards. Does anyone recall this number? I am in China, so it might be a little different though.

I would also greatly appreciate an estimated number of ovens and their sizes for 150-300 pizzas a day.

Ask me any questions or comments if you would like.

Thanks again

(I am scratching my head at about 50 tables?)

How about 300 square meters? Is this far off?

is it just dine in or is it delivery/collection as well?

Both. Papa John in China gets about 30% of revenue from deliveries. I estimate it will be around 10% for us, in the beginning.
Perhaps 200 sq meter and 30 tables is do-able. I’ve never done this before though, so I just want a little confirmation to rest easy.

I think that’s going to be tight. My store is 2,000 square feet (185 sq meters). I have 1,100 square feet of dining room (102 sq meters) and 14 tables. That’s composed of 8 booths and 6 tables; total seating for 58. For us, we can’t squeeze another table in there because of legal requirements for spacing. I’m sure it’s different in China though. But, I think you need more space if you want to do 30 tables.