Urgent oven question

Changed a fan belt on a set of middlebys & now can’t get them to start up. Any ideas. Thanks.

the back panel engages a kill switch when installed properly. might wanna check that you didnt bolt the cover on upside down, as i’ve seen that cause the kill switch from being engaged properly

Thanks! that was it.

no problem, hope it didnt mess up your sunday too bad :frowning:

Wow great advice and quick.You better send tyson a free pizza :smiley: .
Tha’s what we are all here for tho.

Attias and Marsal both manufacture good large gas deck ovens, equivalent sizes to the Bakers Pride Y series and Blodgett 1060, 1048 etc. Attias “The Master” equivalent cooking zone size to the Bakers Pride Y600 or Blodgett 1060. Marsal SD660 and 1060 are the same also. Attias can also custom make gas deck ovens to add an extra deck to the baking chamber so you can end up with four cooking surfaces in the same space as a double stack of any of the above ovens.