urinal discussion

There is a rather well attended urinal thread on going.

I have nothing to contribute to solving the problem involved there but do have a bit of information those with dine in may find interesting.

In many establishments an item called deodorant or urinal blocks are placed in the urinals.

Those type blocks containe paradiclorabenzine which actually does not deodorize but rather paralyses the olfactory nerves so that you cannot smell the offensive order.

If a customer in a dine in visits the rest room before dining the paralyzing of the olfactory nerves will diminish the enjoyment of the meal as the odor of fine food enhances the dining experience.

Years ago, there was a company that developed an actual deodorant block that removed the basic cause of urinal odors. Unfortunately the product was not a success. Those blocks did not have the sort of stinging effect on the nostrils as the Para blocks had and everyone thought they were not working and did not re order.

I guess I have stated a problem and not offered a solution.

Many years ago it was common practice in bars and restaurants to fill the urinal troughs with ice and that appeared, along with good housekeeping practice, to reduce the problem to tolerable levels.

If any one has a product or practice to solve the problem perhaps they will share it with us.

George Mills

is’nt the “auto flusher” suppose to fix that problem? so that there is no free standing urine or #2 in the urinal and/or toilet?

The only time we have an order problem is then people dont flush there stuff…

Guess you flushed out the solution to that problem!
Remember all the Liter Bug commercials? That has really helped cut down the liter problem. Maybe we could ask for an ad campaign geared towards flushing once or even twice when needed.

My major problem in this regard is that my customers, for all their other wonderful qualities, are not what anyone would consider to be “Olympic Caliber” marksmen…

They aren’t bad shots. You just need a bigger target for them.

What the heck is that contraption?

I’d be afraid to put my “stuff” anywhere near that clamp looking thing! :shock:

That’s the hands free version for people who just need to be on their mobile phone 24/7 :lol:


Hmm, I think it’s to large and open… gotta watch for that splash back! :oops:

Has anyone ever put ads on urinal mats?..I was at a trade show recently and they were all over the place directing male folks to a certain booth at the trade show…

Has anyone ever put ads on urinal mats

I saw an ad in a urinal that only appeared as you were peeing on it. It was gray when not being peed on, but full color while getting the golden shower. A bit strange, but definatly an attention getter. What will they come up with next?