US Food/Sysco merger

I read an article recently that said the FTC is likely to allow Sysco to purchase US Foods. When I first read about the merger last year my thought was if this goes through, independent restaurants are going to get hammered. In several of the towns we do events in, these are the only 2 food distributors available. Anyone in an area where these are the only 2 major distributors?

That was case here for years but Shamrock started coming into the market a few years ago. We just opened an account with them so we will still have two choices. I think you are correct though. In places where there is no other choice, prices are going to suck for indy stores… while the nationals will still have contract pricing.

man, their pieces already suck around here…i wont even order from them…i can only imagine what they think they will be able to get away with when they merge

US doesn’t service restaurants in my area, But they do service independent food distributors around this part of the state
So I’ve still got a few choices yet. The only thing we get from “S” is our canned/dry, and frozen fries. Most all of our fresh products come from specialty distributors.