US Foods cheese

anybody use the US Foods label cheese ?
I am going to try their whole milk mozzarella shredded.
I understand they do not have diced.
thanks in advance,

That cheese is pretty good…but I still use the Sorrento MOzz/Prov italian blend in the shred…its really good and consistant too…runs me $75 a case right now…US food should have it for you…its whole milk…

today I tried some Grande MOZZ against the Sorrento Mozz/prov blend
the sorrento had superior taste…like the grande texture…except it slid off the crust…Im sticking with Sorrento…last week I did
$21,000 which I haven’t done for a while…so I don;t want to change my product…

Try the Sorrento Italian blend…in the shred

We use their Roseli part-skim and whole milk 50/50. It is a rich enough cheese that performs well in my oven . . . actually better than the Saputo I sampled. They move a lot of it in our area, so we don’t get old product delivered. I cannot remember Who packages it for them in Southeast, but it is pretty good. Mild flavor and creamy texture.

Actually, we use the mozz/prov 50/50 that is then mixed part whol and part partskim. I did use their straight mozz products the same way with very good results in my oven.

yes the Roseli…brand…it is good cheese…it was a little more expensive than the Sorrento…and we preferred the sorrento…but it was good…

They make the Sorrento Italian blend in diced as well…so if you want diced…please give it a try…

Big SAl

sal 21000 a week is not bad at all what type oven do you have ? are you in an area where one of the big 3 located ?

…surprisingly, the US Foods out of Phoenix, AZ did not offer any diced cheese, which I prefer…
quality is a higher priority, should be getting some next week,

the roselli cheese was packed by sorrento the last i knew


yes 2 papa…2 dominos…2 pizza huts…7-8 indies…plus

cpk bertuccis…and a host of others…its a party over here