Use of Grape tomatoes

Thinking of switching from sliced Roma tomatoes to cutting grape or cherry tomatoes in half and using those as toppings instead on my pizzas. Any thoughts would be helpful. I think that you would use less and that it would look nicer on the pie.
Thanks :expressionless:

We use grape tomatoes on one of our gourmet pizzas.
They have a tremendous juicy flavour and look fantastic
The only problem for us is the cost. There are so much more expensive than regular tomatoes and the amount you use increases the pizza cost quite a bit
Given a choice I would use them but unless I can get the cost down close to regular tomatoes I can’t see myself doing it
Get them cheap and go for it

Tony, the price difference will likely be enough to change your mind.
Romas aren’t exactly cheap right now either, but you will get a lot more coverage
from Romas than cherry or grapes. And, Romas are a lot more consistent throughout the year
than others. It’s been well worth it to be using Romas for toppings and salad bar both.