used 360 ovens available

A client has 3 sets of MM ps 360 ovens for sale in Michigan
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Who in their right mind would buy those old antiquidated ovens. They would go bankrupt from the high energy use due to how inefficient these ovens are. They would have to go thousands in credit card debt to fix these ovens as they break down monthly. Every operator should just break out 25k and buy a set of those new, more efficient, better baking ovens. If they can’t afford to do that they surely can’t afford to maintain and operate hogs like these.

Wow perfect pizzas, could you be any more wrong?

Certainly 360’s aren’t the newest and most energy efficient things around.

However, I have 3 double stacks (one of those WB) that we purchased about 5 years ago running in 3 different stores without any problems at all - and we’ve yet to go bankrupt from paying the utility bill.

Oh wait, I did actually have one problem - a broken switch. I fixed it myself for about $10 for a part from the local grainger.

Another of our stores has the latest and greatest XLT’s - and they work great too.

There is a reason that there have been more mm360’s sold than any other oven in the world. I was sort of joking since any time anyone has EVER inquired about mm360’s George goes into a 2 paragraph rant about how terribly inefficient they are, how difficult they are to clean, and about how old and outdated they are. I would have expected him to advise his client to sell the ovens for scrap. :wink:

Ah, i thought for a minute you were being sarcastic, but wasn’t sure… nevermind.

(next time, insert a little :roll: or :wink: )


Notes to the above.

Yes the client is disposing of the ovens because he has switched his shops to XLT ovens which are much less costly to run, are easer to clean and, he says, bake better.

Despite the above there are many still using 360 ovens.They can, but at no little cost, be made vastly more efficient in gas burning. Unfortunately the electrical consumption and clean ability cannot be improved very much.

The main consideration is cost. For those that just cannot afford the latest models they are a way to get into business.

George Mills