used Coke branded cooler - repossssion issue

I just got an email from a rep at CC saying that they are going to schedule a “pickup” of an old cooler they spotted in our shop a couple months ago when they started a new service with us. Has anyone been through this, and is there any successful way to fight this?

Some background is in order. I bought a used cooler in 2004 from a reputable equipment shop. It is not in good shape at all in terms of re-use by the corporation claiming it. It fits my needs, though in my shop. We prep and stock into that cooler for reloading the work stations. I have a bill of sale for this cooler, and the seller has said that they keep affidavits for equipment that they take in and resell. Dealer said I should demand a police report stating this was a stolen piece of equipment and not an ‘abandoned’ one to which they have no rights. I don’t want to get into a p*ssing match with Coca-Cola, but now is not the time for me to go buying a new cooler when I have one that works fine and I paid money for.

Anyone got anything out there that has worked?