used Coke branded cooler - repossssion issue

I just got an email from a rep at CC saying that they are going to schedule a “pickup” of an old cooler they spotted in our shop a couple months ago when they started a new service with us. Has anyone been through this, and is there any successful way to fight this?

Some background is in order. I bought a used cooler in 2004 from a reputable equipment shop. It is not in good shape at all in terms of re-use by the corporation claiming it. It fits my needs, though in my shop. We prep and stock into that cooler for reloading the work stations. I have a bill of sale for this cooler, and the seller has said that they keep affidavits for equipment that they take in and resell. Dealer said I should demand a police report stating this was a stolen piece of equipment and not an ‘abandoned’ one to which they have no rights. I don’t want to get into a p*ssing match with Coca-Cola, but now is not the time for me to go buying a new cooler when I have one that works fine and I paid money for.

Anyone got anything out there that has worked?

I would start by telling them that you have a bill of sale for the cooler and that it is your property. Further that they may not come in and take it.

If they insist, tell them that will have to get a police report showing the goods as stolen property and take it up with the equipement dealer you purchased it from.

Obviously, you are not going to want to do business with COKE if they pursue this in a way that harms you.

The good news? Pepsi’s product line sells better overall anyway.

If you sell Coke products then tell them that you will be deleting the range and putting in Pepsi. See if they back off then.

We have “discussions” with Coke over the years on different issues and I always come up with “OK then come and take out your fidge and I will only run with Pepsi / Schweppes” (we have both companies fridges in our shop).

They always back off.


They should back off if you threaten them your going to switch over to pepsi.

Wow, tough call… You’re right in the middle of Coca-Cola Country. Didn’t they invent the stuff just a few miles south of you and Coke’s HQ is just to north? I don’t necessarily know if Pepsi sells better than Coke in that part of the country.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that Coke would be that desperate to get their hands on an antiquated fridge like you’re describing (unless they’re planning on putting it in their museum) :wink:

It would seem that the equipment reseller should be the one that goes up to bat for you on this one. If that company can’t resolve it, you should demand that they give you a replacement refrigerator (maybe on that doesn’t have a big logo printed on the side).

Hi nick:

I am surprised that your health inspector is letting you use that cooler for food storage. Those type bottled or caned beverage coolers do not meet the NSF standards for restaurant food storage.

George Mills

I’ll look again tonight, but I recall having a NSF label in it. It is very nearly the exact True model that I bought for storage in another part of the pantry. HECK! The one I bought new has a hard time staying OVER 30F.

UPDATE: They are going to look at my receipt and go from there. Now I just finally have to track down that 5 year old receipt :frowning: I knew I would have to at some point.

My Turbo Air sliding door beverage mechandiser has an NSF tag in it.

Hi Nick:

Yes those type coolers have an NSF rating and a sticker but the standard certified is for caned or bottled beverages not for food in restaurants. NSF has different standards for instance the standards for a refrigerator are different from those for a pizza prep table although they both have NSF stickers.

There are glass door refrigerators for restaurant use but they are more expensive than the type cooler you have.

The company that sold you the cooler should be aware of those distinctions.

George Mills

I had a ‘discussion’ with my food inspector last time he came in as I was storing coleslaw in the coke fridge. He informed me that it was a beverage ‘cooler’ and not a food standard fridge. The later normally has a temperature indicator on it whereas a coke fridge doesn’t. I smiled and nodded…

NSF potential issues aside, I wanted to report back with the very professional and brief experience I had with Coca-cola in the is matter. In the final wash, I sent them my receipt for purchase from the used equipment supplier. Their decision making people considered it, and have informed us that they are ‘writing off’ the cooler in question.

I shall request a written statement to that effect to avoid any confusions or unhappiness in the future. I am pleased they were prompt, professional and not at all unpleasant in the matter. Glad it went the way it did.

What’s the chances they troll the boards? :lol:

Though during this discussion I noticed our local Pepsi distributor must be up to their old games again, you can hardly find a Pepsi vending machine in town now!

Nick I am glad this worked out for you…I am sure your “kind and gentle” approach was why this worked…

Nah, I disagree on how you did it. For me I would have got some fun out of it by being a mean son of a b1tch and playing hard ball. We cop it from customers so I would have vented my spleen like they do - make 'em squirm and cringe, threaten them a bit, tell them I’m going elsewhere, cry, shout, swear, thump the table, kick the door in - and then go home and have a good long cold beer. :lol:


wa dave are you having a rough day? :lol:

Nah, just sick of being the nice guy, just like that movie with Michael Douglas (Getting Even? or something like that) when he couldn’t get his morning fix at Maccas because it was 2 minutes after the end time. :stuck_out_tongue: