Used Dos Rapid Fire System For Sale

Hey Everyone,

I just upgrade to Revention and have a 3 Station DOS Rapid Fire system for sale.

3-elo touchscreens
3-epson printers
3-cpu rapidfire workstations
1-software key

I will accept any resonable offer.


any luck i might be inerested

I am interested. You can pm with you’re phone and we can talk about the details.

I still have my old school Rapid Fire dos POS and I am looking for working light pens. It seems Fast Point Technoligies are out of business or they changed the phone number and shut down thier web site.
If you have any working pens you want to sell email me at

Thanks for the info speedline I am one happy camper. One thing for sure when I do decide to upgrade my POS I will be contacting you.
Sorry Firefly,

Anytime. Glad Kevin & co. could help you out.