Used dough roller question

I am looking to purchase my first dough roller and was going to go the used route.

Can anyone offer any advice on things to look for or things to avoid?


By dough roller are you referring to a sheeter or a dough rounder?

Specifically an anets sdr 21. Thank you in advance.

I have had my Anets for 20 years and the thing has been bullet proof. In my recent searches I see that middleby marshal bought out anets.

if your looking at a used one, besides making sure the rollers aren’t gouged, the front door, back door and chain guard have a safety switch, they have to be closed tightly to disengage the safety to turn the machine on, if any of those are crooked or damaged it will not turn on. (all the time)

Occasionally you will find one that has been in storage (like in someone’s garage or storage unit) and the rollers will be rusted or just slightly pitted. This is easily addressed by removing the rollers and having a machine shop resurface them on a lathe, then they’re as good as new.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Our clients prefer the sommerset dough roller.
George Mills

Our clients prefer the sommerset dough roller.
George Mills

I’ve only had two Acme double passes. First one was at the joint I worked at in college and it ran for 30 years and might still be going, as they sold the place to retire so who knows. The one I bought 3 years ago came out of a place that closed and has been running for nearly 30 years as well, knock on wood!

While the Anets was a fine machine, it has been discontinued by Anets and parts availability is becoming difficult. While we continue to support them with some of the more common wear items like scraper blades, springs, motors and the like, some parts, like the rollers, dough chutes, and entry doors are no longer available so you must inspect one carefully before purchasing. We are currently recommending the Somerset models.