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I wanted to see if you guys have had good experience buying used equipment; whether online, auctions, equipment suppliers, etc? Shipping seems to be the killer, but am looking for some sources if you have them…


Even if you buy new equipment, you still need to pay for shipping. Generally you can find used equipment closer to where you are than the manufacturer of the new equipment is.

To save money on shipping, both used and new equipment, open a account and check your costs compared to the freight costs You are being quoted by the seller. I was able to ship my last set of used ovens that I sold on ebay cheaper through freightqote than my oven manufacturer could ship them with their carrier.

You can also consider for bigger items - you may have 2 wait, but you might get a decent deal on shipping…

Great… How about sites? Do you know some good used restaurant equip guys or have you just bought piece by piece with different sellers?
Thanks again

Here are two that I have worked with:
Restaurant Equippers Inc. 800-235-3325 (Columbus, Ohio)
Northern Pizza Equipment, Inc. 800-426-0323 Contact: Ben Stacy or <> (Dexter, MI)
Also be sure to check out the PMQ Resource Guide at the back of each issue for more suppliers.
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Hi Guys:

I guess I have to pay more attention. Missed this subject.

I have several comments on this subject:

At one time we had a rebuild shop and processed hundreds of units of used equipment for the pizza and bakery industry.

Buyers found equipment we rebuilt to be as new. And when I say as new that is not as the units were originally new, but rather updated with all current improvements and as good or better than the current models.

Many Manufactures observed that it costs about as much to properly rebuild and upgrade complicated units like conveyor ovens as it costs the factory to build them.

Note that one of the major oven manufacturers offer their ovens rebuilt at a higher cost then some of their competitors comparable ovens sell for new.

Unfortunately there eventually were so many scam artists offering used equipment at prices where they could have only wiped off the units with a damp rag that we quit rebuilding rather than destroy our reputation trying to compete by offering junk.

We still secure used equipmentfrom a couple of highly competent rebuilders for our clients, but most used buyers don’t pay the price for properly rebuilt or reconditioned equipment.

See below. a quote from this forum


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Hi pizzafanatic,
I know it sounds weird about what I did. I bought my oven on ebay and had so many problems with getting it and having it fixed it took 2 months just to get that done.

The above illustrates a common problem: We get calls almost every week from folks who have that type problem who are looking for help.

We do layout and design plans for those that engage our services and for some used equipment sellers that do not have a designer on staff. An exceptionally high percentage of ventures that opt to scrounge up used equipment on their own have failed. That is opposed to the high quality shops that we equip with top grade new equipment, of those we almost never see a failure.

I know not all the reasons for the failure of the above, just their equipment selections.

The above is not to say that there are not some savvy operators who have been successful in finding excellent used equipment. But great caution is recommended.

An additional comment: Used refrigeration is a real invitation to disaster. For a time we had two competent refrigeration men on staff that went over all used refrigeration we sold. Despite their best efforts almost every refrigerated unit we sold failed within about a year. Many units failed at difficult times (Friday night) and before service could get to them. Much food spoiled and often the operator lost as much or more than saved by purchasing used. We then quit selling used refrigeration and do not now.

There is a radio program in this area called, The Appliance Doctor, the host continually recommends against the purchase of any used refrigeration. His observation is that if a refrigeration unit has been running for some time and is then disconnected for some time it will almost inevitably fail within a year or sooner.

Refrigeration compressors are sealed and their is no way to determine the condition of a used unit.

Again that’s not to say that some have not had success with used refrigeration

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