used equipment???

okay so I’m thinking I may have found a smokin deal on basically a full restaurant full of equipment, my only concern is how scary is it to buy used equipment, its all in storage so there will be no way to test it or to know if it works. if it all does it would save us so much money. any input or experiences would be awesome!! should I take the risk? or is there anything I should look for as far as flaws or things that may be damaged that may not be that noticeable unless you know what to look for?? thanks!!!

I bought all used equipment and here is how I did it. Basically, prep tables, large fridges, deli cases all have the samish type motors/compressors, if you had to replace them at 1000 bucks, is it still a good deal? For me, I bought an 8 ft prep table, had no idea if it worked, paid 800 bucks for it, guess what, didnt work, had to replace the compressor. 1000 bucks, still a good deal? Your bloody rights it is. So that is how I bought all my equipment. Think, if I had to replace the 2 most expensive parts, is it still worth it. If the answer is yes, then buy away…

Or another angle - sounds like you are looking at a package deal for a lot of equipment.
I’d figure whether it is still a savings if SOME things are just what you need and some aren’t.

I bought some stuff used - Hobart in great shape, shelving, seating, etc. But refrigeration was all new…

hey thanks for the advice, this is ovens, prep tables, dishwasher, coolers, and a 1930’s 80qt mixer, thinking that maybe I don 't want that, it has no attachments and the guy said it was awesome, but you couldn’t buy attachments for it any more, and we need to shred our cheese, any thoughts on this mixer?? thanks again.

look for some used equipment people in your area, ask them if they have any of the attachments you may need for it, you would be suprised at what some of these guys have lurking around, that being said if the rest of the equipment is what you want, think of it as a freebie and if you cant put it to use, maybe some one else can and you can sell it.

i too, started with all used equipment. no way i could have started my business with all new equipment, or even some major pieces new. sure, we have run into a problem here and there, but the benefit of upfront money saved, in my opinion, is well worth it.

Used is a good way to go. If you are buying a bunch of stuff in storage without being able to test I would not pay over 20 cents on the dollar compared to new. If buying stuff from a broker that has cleaned it up and warrants at least that it works upon delivery maybe 30-35 cents is fair. I have purchased a number of pieces of used equipment with good results. Refridgeration is the diciest.