Used Oven Help

I need help with a used oven decision. I am considering a double stack of Middleby Marshall 570s.

I have a quote on one set from 2006 for $18,500 (delivered and set up)

and a quote for a set from 1997 for $12,500 (delivered and set up). Both have a 90 day warranty.

Is the $6,000 a reasonable difference and is it worth it for the newer ovens?

I have never bought used ovens so what other questions should I be asking…any help would be great!

Both are smoking deals. You really can’t go wrong with either one. If you can afford it, I would buy the newer ones. If you can’t, don’t be afraid of the 1997 ovens. You can replace a lot of parts for 6k!

Hi big popa:

You are looking at 12 and 20 year old technology.

At the prices you are being quoted there is little possibility that the ovens have been rebuilt and up graded to the latest burners and modulating gas valves. If they have not been rebuilt and those upgrades installed, you will be looking at substantially higher gas and electrical operating costs as compared to the newer models of ovens now on the market.

The Middleby PS 570 has places that require monthly lubrication using a grease gun. That oven uses fan belts to turn the blower motors. None of the modern ovens have lubrication points nor do they use fan belts.

I think you may soon pay the cost of new ovens in higher operating costs and then continue to pay higher operating costs as long as you use those older units.

George Mills