Used Sports Ticket Stubs

Hey Everyone,

I’m again trying to get my Sports Ticket Collage going for the restaurant. If you could please drop some in the mail to me at :

Fast Break Pizza
PO BOX 857
Pewee Valley, KY 40056

If anyone wants me to send them some from UofL tickets, let me know, as I have several of those, I just don’t have many from any other events.


I have tickets to a Celebrity Slow Pitch game between the local Firefighters and the Canadian Football League Alumni if you want them

My son got to play on the football players team. I was one of the major sponcers. It was a real fun time.

No event too small! I’d love to have one of those Daddio.

What’s BUMP mean?

It is an annoying way to get the topic back to the top of the listings.