USFoods merging?

I got word that my local USFoods supplier is being bought out… ahem…is merging with another company, rather. Is this nationwide? Has anyone heard about this?


My Roma Rep is saying that a major change is coming. He wouldn’t go into any details, but said that it is going to be a good thing for us. He said he would let me know asap so I “get in on the ground floor” I think it means they are going public and maybe a possible merger.

US Foods is owned by a French firm, as I recall…has been unprofitable and up for sale for a while…

VISTAR bought Roma a while back and is ready to consume US Foods…been in th works 4 a while…

Vistar has gotten outta the specialty foods & is concentrating on vending and other aspects…

Curious if they can really pull it off, as US Foods has been only mildly successful buying all its competitors…

US Food is currently owned by a big Dutch company, Ahold.

They had an Enron-esque accounting scandal in 2003, and have been on the brink ever since.

For a short while, there was talk of SYSCO buying them out, but that wouldn’t make sense, since SYSCO is already in all of US’s markets (that would be like McDonalds buying out Burger King :lol: )

Roma/Vistar/Multifoods/WhoAreWeToday would be a more natural fit, since they’re desperate.

maybe thats why I cant get a sales call from usfoods!

us foods has been up for sale for a few years.
us foods has been bought and sold 3 times since i have been with them.

check out us foods wikipedia

From US Foodservice website, News and Information link: … Review.pdf