USING A CONVEYOR OVEN.....stationary

Does anyone have any experience in using a conveyor pizza oven as a regular oven, say… to bake potatoes? or cakes and pasteries? I do not have a regular oven in my kitchen but I know baked pots will sell.
any thoughts would be great, thanks

we sell steak & bakes just rap up the pots in foil put them in a deep dish pan run them thru the oven for about an hour (7-8times thru the oven)
test wit a fork or knife we put them in a hot bag they stay warm or about 2 hrs

Thanks Fat Boy…can I ask what temperature you are using?

I was actually thinking of making them during our slow period between lunch and dinner and just stopping the belt, rather than run through 7-8 times. You think that would work?

same temp oven is at for pizza 475-500 it will work to just stop the conveyor we do that also right b4 dinner rush