using an iPad in your store

Anyone out there have an iPad or other such tablet in your store for customer use?

I came across an article from Mailchimp about Naked Pizza using the Mailchimp App on iPads in their stores to help farm email addresses from customers.

So this got me thinking, since we’re about ready to launch online ordering, how can I get our online ordering menu to be locked on an iPad and have customers use it in the shop to order on their own? Yes, it seems like a novelty to have something like this, but I’m certain it would create a buzz in my customer base as well as those coming into the shop for the first time. I know there are a myriad of other issues surrounding this, but I just want to know what some other people think about it.

That’s a really smart move on your part. I see kiosk ordering from something like an ipad or other touch screen as being a big thing in the future. For dine in restaurants, it will really take a load off the servers’ responsibilities. And then the customer can’t complain about his order being wrong - after all, he placed it!

Having an app on an ipad could be as simple as having the only application on the iPad say “Order Now” and then link to the online ordering website, or if you wanted it locked into an app, you could ask your online ordering company to develop a version of their mobile site, turn it into an iPad app, and you’d be good to go. Some online ordering companies are more willing to do custom development than others, but it’s worth asking.

This made me chortle.

Me too!!

Cust:I’ve just got my order and the pizza is wrong
Us: Well that’s the pizza you ordered, its come stright through from your online system
Cust: Well you’re onlione system MUST be wrong

Just like the customer who kept on complain that her pizza had jalapeano’s on it. It was a set pizza which didn’t so we sent out a replace (I made it) they rang and compalined again that it had jalapeano’s on it - you know those green things - og you mean GREEN PEPPERS? :roll:

Online is great (we are doing 40-60%+) online orders but it does has it draw backs. Feedback from those using kiosks is similar - If you are delco expect to have a member of staff available to go round to the take out area and sort problems out regularly!

Working for a POS company, I work with a lot of web ordering providers. Most now support mobile ordering on iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry) and integrate direct to the POS. That part is easy.

To use that mobile functionality for self-service, what you would need to work out with your web ordering provider is how to handle payment:

Typically with mobile sites, customers have to enter a credit card number for payment. Depending on the provider and POS integration, the payment may be processed online in real-time, preauthorized at the store in real-time, or processed on pickup at the store. But if your customer is already in the store, they may want/expect more payment options – and they’re probably not going to want to key in their credit card number at the counter. That means that you will want to either equip the iPad with a card swipe, or talk to your web ordering provider about designing an interface that will submit the order without payment so you can handle all the payments at the counter.

A couple trendsetting brands I’ve spoken with have been tossing around the idea of attaching an iPad to each table, on the wall, so that the customer can walk in, choose a table and place their own order without ever having to wait in line or go to a counter. Seems like an idea that could possibly take off, but I don’t see it as being as important of an initiative as online ordering in general, for example. But maybe a few years down the line it will be another way to differentiate a brand with new tech features.

Several “Chili’s” restaurants in our area are testing an in-house system that lets folks order and pay right from the screen at their table. I think the verdict is still out on is this will catch on to the point it starts to replace personal contact from an experienced server, but stranger things have happened.

Ditto,no such thing as us being right :wink:

If ipads at the table, etc. translate into increased sales great, just don’t like pushing more sales towards credit cards otherwise.

There are some really reasonable android tablets out there. I would be a bit worried about an ipad getting broken (or a customer replacing yours with their broken one, or just stealing it outright…)

Judging from the way tablets are selling, they are probably not going away any time soon. They could easily add to the bottom line in a number of ways.

Email/text collection for marketing deals
Automatic upselling
Instant product feedback
Labor savings

Guess I need to start looking at selling my shares in pens and paper? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve tried a number of ways to let people sign up for our email club. From individual cards to fill out to having touchscreens on the counter top connected to our email club signup webpage.

By far, and I mean by far, the most used by customers is just a simple piece of paper on a clipboard where they can add their name, email address and birthday to a list - 25 on a page. Almost everyone fills that out. After it is full, I have someone key the addresses in.

I thought everyone would go for the online entry on the counter - but they didn’t. I think, even in this day and age, most people were intimidated by having to use the computer.

Don’t try and solve a non-existing problem with technology for the sake of using technology.