Using FB to collect on bad checks

So today as I was dealing with a couple of returned checks, I searched them on FB. I was so tempted to send a message in addition to the usual letter I send.

What do you think? I feel like it might make it more real that they have bounced a check and I know who they are. For example one of them was for a pizza party we did it was 75 bucks. The gal is the treasurer of a big non profit here. How ridiculous.

Anyway is it too much? Or a new option? :evil:

Have you called her? I find that local people who are responsible professionals rarely let these things slide.

Yes, number out of service. We use a ck company and when they have given up they send it back to me. Every now and again I just get irritated. That is why I was checking her on FB to see if there was a new cell #.

Just wanted to know what people thought of the idea… :mrgreen:

I have hunted bad check people on FB a couple of times, never been successful. Was the pizza party for the non-profit? If so, I would not be shy about contacting their management.


No, I wish. We have great luck collecting and really don’t get that many checks anymore. Last year we were unable to collect on 284.99. A speck in the grand scheme of things but on occasion reminds me it is worth a try. I just get irritated.

After our check company tries to collect they send it to us. I have a “nice” letter stating I just want my money no extra fees just pay the check. I always send a tiny photo copy on the letter of the check and I think it makes it more real to them. For the most part they will come by and pay or call and make arrangements.

Just thought it would be a new idea to send a message on fb.

I don’t think there would be anything wrong with sending them a private message on FB, but posting on their wall would be out of line.

Just keep it friendly and professional. “We have tried to reach you at your old phone number without success. You may not be aware that you have this bounced check with us and we would appreciate it if you would contact us and take care of it”

I do not think it is neccessary to waive bank fees. We always recover the fee that the bank actually charged us which is $4.00. We do not add any additional fees to customers that come right in and take care of it.

Just to put a little pressure on them I would send that PM to them and also include the comment that if it would be easier for them…you could drop off a copy of the bill and bounced check for them at their work? Just as a favor…if they didn’t have time to stop back in and take care of it…of course. Maybe the idea of you showing up might get them moving a little faster to pay it! :!:

Then post the picture of the person in your store on the “Wall of Shame” :shock:

I found I had to stop taking checks because I wanted to hunt down the people that bounced them. I recommend not taking checks just so you don’t have to think the worst of your neighbors. If people don’t have a debit card and want to write a check, you probably don’t want their check.

I have read a news which mentions about credit card issue. As we can some small businesses like coffee shop, gas stations and other businesses are imposing a minimum purchase amount. In the news, they also mentioned that the interchange charges charged on debit cards and charge cards is beginning a battle between financial institutions, stores and the government. Banks charge retailers an interchange fee to wire them the money a consumer agreed to pay using a card. Companies are starting to rebel, because many are tiring of having to pay banks to get money they’re owed. Here is the proof: Merchants moving away from debit and credit cards

I say you should use any resource you have readily available to contact the person, if it takes less time out of the process. Facebook would likely get you unfriended, but it will work once :slight_smile: Then, either go the legal route or just let it go at this point.

I’m with Lou Holtz about the fees. In GA, we have a statutory limit allowed to charge for returned check fees. We will send an initial letter/phone call to customer informing check was returned and ask them to pay the amount plus the initial bank fee of like $4. We include a reminder that if not paid in the 7 or 10 days we give them, it’s a letter advising we are collecting the full $35 (that the state allows) as we are moving to swear out a warrant. The warrant costs that much, and we seldom really get that far. Very very few have ended up in court with warrants.

Nothing would wake a customer up faster than being arrested at her place of business for a check she (really had to already know about and) did not make good on.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people still take cheques.
I have a 25 page cheque book that lasts me 12 months or more. Only pay the monthly rent and Coca Cola delivery (they are COD).
As far as taking cheques why aren’t you just doing EFTPOS sales?
There is talk recently here in Australia of phasing out cheques over the next 12 months due to low useage and the cost to administer them.
Cheques have become a new breed of dinosaur and are heading the same way - extinction.


We take them because they are VERY reliable for us in our market, don’t COST to deposit as credit/debit cards do . . . and we can deposit them electronically each night, which is faster deposit than credit cards. Saving 3% is really worth it to us given the really low percentage of NSF ones we’ve gotten over 7 1/2 years.

Fair enough