Using MySpace?

So, Mailchimp added a new feature called SocialPro to help analyze data in your email lists. I clicked the button and was shocked to discover…

Social Network Popularity
Twitter Twitter
116 (11.9%)

Facebook Facebook
196 (20.1%)

MySpace MySpace
333 (34.2%)

Linked In LinkedIn
96 (9.9%)

Flickr Flickr
132 (13.6%)

What the hell, a 3rd of the people opting in from my online-ordering site are on MySpace! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised being in a college town and all… but now I need to figure out how MySpace does business pages. I’ll be at the library tonight with my daughter. I wonder if they have a MySpace for Dummies guide. Gah!

Anyone have a MySpace presence for their business?