Using the BUSY Wal-Mart across the street to my advantage?

We have a verry busy Wal-Mart located right across the street. It’s viewable from our store front and they can see us from the doors of Wal-Mart.

I’ve been in touch with upper management in Wal-Mart, but they say there is nothing they can do in terms of advertising. They basically said if they’re to open the doors to us, they have to allow everyone to advertise with them.

With that said, how would you capitalize on all of the traffic across the street?

Has anyone put flyers/coupons on cars before? What about people standing by the doors handing out flyers/coupons?

Sounds a little intrusive, but maybe cars? If they can see you from their doors, put up a banner.

Be careful about putting flyers on cars-it some cities it can be considered littering. I would recommend a sign shaker at the entrance to the parking lot, or a banner would definately be a way to go.

Wal Mart brings in the customers. Signage is the best.

Stay away from flying the cars. Someone could say you broke their wipers, scratched the car and a host of other possibilities like mentioned above.

Signage is the key.

PMQ this month has a great article on signage,page 34


How about hiring someone to stand out on your sidewalk and shake signs at cars coming out of their parking lot/driving by?

Human billboard dances, attracts restaurant customers.

I’ve attached an image of our location in regards to Wal-Mart and also the surrounding area in my original post.

Where would people suggest:

  1. I place signage (trying to take into account what is legal and what’s not)
  2. To place some people dancing with signs.

Do you run to Walmart for supplies, etc.?..If so, you should always have on a shirt or jacket with your logo (big) on it…You can also use the back of the shirt and/or jacket to promote something…Can you do a “hot and ready” type offering?..Free Breadsticks with pickup orders, etc…

I do run there occasionally, and I always have my work attire on when I do go.

As for the 'hot and ready" type offering, how could that be connected to Wal Mart?

Unfortunately, I’ve spoken to some of the “higher up” people at Wal Mart who come over here for lunch on a regular basis. They basically said there’s no way to do any advertising with or through them because of they open up to us they have to open up to every local business in the area.

You promote the special on the back of the shirts your staff wears every time they run to Wal-Mart…

I just came across this cool looking marketing tool that may be useful if you park a vehicle that has you logos near the front doors.

Sign shaking with a strong offer that can be taken advantage of quickly is a great way to take advantage of high traffic.

If you do decide to target the cars,(i would) you can get flyers printed on post-it notes that can be stuck to the drivers side windows. This should keep everone happy. They may ask you to stop but I doubt it.

The wal-mart here has a no flyer policy. They have been known to have their staff follow behind a person and remove the flyers and send a invoice to the company for the labor to remove the “litter”.

Making me take your flyer off my car and disposing of it is a sure way to get me to never order a thing from you, and tell anyone who mentions your business what I think of you.

Doesn’t Walmart sell frozen pizzas?

I would spend my time looking at the exterior of my business, making sure it was spotless, had classy signage and an atmosphere that enticed hungry drivers, passengers and kids in particular, to say “Pizza!” I wouldn’t put a minute of thought into trying to tap into Walmart customers.