Using the media to raise my chse. price

Last night on the CBS news here in Phila. was headlined…You may be paying higher prices for your next pizza or cheese steak!..I was like YES!thank you here is my cue to finally raise prices.If questioned by anyone I could use the media by saying don’t you watch the news w/ the chse. industry skyrocketing? Just thought I would share this exciting news w/ you all…lol Money makes me :lol:.Does anyone think .25 price increase per pizza is to high?My current price is 7.50 for a 14’’ and 9.25 for an 18’’. Thanks for any input.
Niccademo [keep your dough off da cieling]

I think a price increase is definitely in order but if it was me, I would raise them a little more. It won’t make a difference to your customers if your new price for a 14" pizza is $7.75 or $7.99. Likewise on the 18" pizza go either to $9.95 of 9.99. Either way, 99% of your customers won’t notice or won’t care that you made a small price increase, and the other 1% will try your competitor and come back for your better product!

hey goomba,
you have to raise your prices…how much is the big ?
i own a full service + pizza,i raised my whole menu 15%
went from .95 per piece of chicken to 1.25
all pizzas up 1.00 and all toppings up .50 more than before,this was 2 months ago
my buffet up 2.00 to 9.95 & 10.95 in the past year
it looks like i am going to have to go even higher on my regular menu again just to keep up with rising food costs,thats just part of the deal…
i have not noticed any reduction in customer base…and i have a very tough market.


There has been A LOT of press on the issue around us. I’ve seen it on Channels 6 & 10 as well. Our main newspaper also did a front page spread.

If you’re gonna do it, make it worth it.

We aren’t going to raise our prices, because we just did a pretty hefty increase in april. We are, however, going to get rid of our 2 large pizza special. Currently $2.50 off the total.

Still paying 2.94/lb for Polly-O

goomba, we just raised prices on all pizzas by a dollar and on coupons a dollar. sandwiches, entrees and salads the same. even added higher priced appetizers that we push. people seem to understand since gas and everything in the grocery has gone up.

With cheese prices up by about 50 cents on a 16" pizza, you need to raise your prices by $2 on a 16" to keep the food cost in line. Wage pressure is going to follow, other food costs are up due to trucking costs. I prefer to go in one big jump rather than give the impression that we are always raising prices.