Using these spices in pizza sauce...

Was looking through some sauce recipes and found a few items that caught my attention.
If you were to add these spices into your pizza sauce, what kind of flavor do they give/enhance/or remove?

Example, I heard that when adding Lemon Juice to the sauce that it cuts back on the tart flavor of the tomato and does not give the sauce a lemony flavor… but anyway:

Brown Sugar
Celery Salt
Lemon Juice

Thanks all!

I don’t use any of these in my pizza sauce, but can describe experiences in other applications.

Tarragon has a general vegetal licorice-y flavor profile. It adds that background hint that is cousin to fennel. It is not the same, but the volitile compounds are similar.

Lemon Juice would tend to balance obtuse sweetness in tomatoes. If your sauce is distractingly sweet, and it is not balanced by the garlic you may us, then lemon could be a balancing acid. It may also tend to react with the pectin in the tomato to break them up making a slightly thinner sauce (or counteracting gelling from granulated garlic).

I’ll leave contrasting my statements and experience with the other items to the inimitable members of the rest of the list.

i did hear that brown sugar sweetens the sauce but doesn’t make the crust brown as fast as regular sugar.