Utility Procurement: 3rd party suppliers...cost saver or scam?

Does anyone have experience with utility procurement? Has it saved you money? Or is it a scam?

The company that approached me is Seven Utility Management Consultants out of Cypress Texas, for what it’s worth.

Never heard of utility procurement companies but… logical sense is that they have to make money somehow too so not sure it would be most cost efficient for you. You can get all your utilities lined out by yourself in a couple hours and know exactly what and who you’re dealing with.

for the most part they are a scam… we had one come through our neighborhood…pay to become a member then get your friends to sign up too and get a cut of what they bring in. my response was…“this is a textbook pyramid schema…no thanks”

We have lots of those in TX. Go to powertochoose.org and see all the companies that you can pay your electric bill to. Curiously the company that contacted you doesn’t seem to be on the list to operate in Texas.