Utility rates

I am hoping that some of you will share your utility rates for a comparison. I know my local utility company is on the very high end of the scale but I’d love to know how far at the end they are. My latest bill shows me using 5404 kWH and paying $1305.62 including all taxes. At over 24 cents per kWH I believe I must be paying nearly the highest rates in the continental US. Solar companies like to use estimates of 12-13 cents per kWH to give payback estimates.

Im in eastern Kansas and the last I checked, we were around .08 to .10 per KWH here not including demand charges…

All fees and taxes included comes to 20 cents per Kwh.

You’ll never get an apples to apples comparison including all the taxes and miscellaneous charges. Just tell us what your demand charges are, which is the charge for the electricity you actually use.

Here in eastern Washington, its 8.2 cents/KW hr.

Here is as color coded map for the US…


…Oh and just be glad your not in Alaska or Hawaii! :slight_smile:

Here in Central Pennsylvania our rate is .107 cents per kWh with all taxes included. I am part of a Cooperative Electric Company. That is a company that the customers own shares in.


Here is my current bill from my Campus shop.

wow here in Chicago its 4.9 cents we uses almost the same amount of electricity i used 5433 kw after delivery and taxes my bill was $525.49.

Demand charge is different than the usage charge, at least for us anyway…

For us, commercial and industrial entities pay a rate for the total amount of electricity used, plus we also get an extra “demand” charge based on our peak usage for the month.