V.O.I.P. anyone made the switch with 4+ rollover lines?

Has anyone switched over to Voice over internet phone service? how is the quality? have you had any issues with downtime? Sound quality/droped calls? What about the savings are they what they are saying 30-40% cheaper than land line service providers?

Thanks in advance as always!

Gave it a try and did “save” some money but switched back to a land line provider due to multiple instances of down time; which always seemed to occour on a Friday or Saturday night. Since we made the switch back I haven’t had any issues with down time. IMO, the reliability of the service justifies the extra cost of the land line provider.

I could never bring myself to switch. I see when the internet goes down, and
is sometimes down for quite a while. With voip, obviously, no internet… no phone.
No way!

Brighthouse is our cable provider in Orlando & we use an auto-attendant via Nextiva…

I’ve only had one problem in two years, but it was massive…

We also have it set to ring my cell phone on the 4th ring…

http://www.vancouversun.com/Customers+i … story.html

All my lines are cell phone and V.O.I.P. based. When we bought our shop, we had two lines that were about $80/mo. I moved my number to a cell phone that forwards to a google voice number that rings any number I want and I can schedule the hours as I please. T-Mobile dipped into VOIP, but dropped out awhile back, and I still have a line on that plan that costs $15/mo.

When someone calls our shop, the cell phone forwards to the google voice number that rings our VOIP line. If it’s a Tuesday afternoon and someone is calling in an order and another person calls, they get forwarded to VM that says “all our lines are currently busy, please wait a couple minutes and try us again.” I then have magic jack lines that come into play on busier nights and if we’re really getting hammered, and I’m not there, the staff calls me. I activate my cell phone, use logmein.com to get on my office computer from home and rock out orders. With the 5 computers I have operating in my shop, plus the VOIP line, I could realistically have 6 lines for $35/mo.