val pak

Val-pak is a marriage mailer we have that is bundled with other local restaurants. The Rep has been trying to get me back in for EVER, we did it for about a year and it was great the first year because it hit everyone fast. But after that it was just breaking even, so the answer has been no, BUT he still calls and emails about every other week…Well now we have a new development. there is a LOCAL chain coming to town and pretty sure almost all the form of advertisement is threw val-pak they have 12 shops so to ad a zone is wayyyyyyyyyy cheap.
He actually called today and I just said I have some free time Monday. I thought he was going to jump threw the telephone…My stance is going to be that I want to be the only local pizzeria in there. I will let him exclude the 2 other locals that are already here and he has no idea the new shop is coming.
anyone have any experience with this in the past, how do I get a guarantee? What would be the cost of breaking there deal be if they put my competition in the mailer? free mailers? refund?

Val-Pak won’t agree to that.

I could see you having some leverage if you were a long-term customer that has been using them for years but you dropped them after one. They need advertisers to survive like you need customers. It would be like telling your customers they can only eat your pizza…hmmmm? Now there’s a thought! :idea:

I actually worked as a Valpak rep a few years back and can confirm they will not offer exclusivity in any category…especially pizza. Most offices accross the country are franchises and their franchise agreements prohibit them from doing so.

Each office does control the placement of the pieces in the envelope and you could definately asked to be placed in the flap…which would make your ad the first one seen when the envelope gets opened.

And here is how, my town currently has me and 3 other independents, he has 2 of them in the val-pak and the third NEVER does this kind of marketing, they have struggled a lot and just wont entertain the idea of advertising.
I told them that 10000 homes the more people looking for coupons the more people take away from his argument and he assured me that there would be no more added to the pack. I said that would go along way in helping decide if we want to commit 3000 dollars to this advertising and just a little above breaking even. He wrote in on the contract that maximum amount of pizzerias in my zone would be 3
the 2 others have a year contract. If they do add one, mine will be free!

Very risky move on his part as corporate Valpak could easily sign an agreement with one of the national or regional chains to advertise in your particular zone. If they do, his office has to accept and place the piece in “your” envelope…good for you if this happens as you will get yours for free.

Hmm. I’m not sure you got what you wanted here. If he adds another place to the pack in 2 months, is he going to refund the previous months?

Seems to me that what he needed was someone to advertise right now - and that is what he got. Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding.

R Guest, I have a contract up to April. they can not add anyone till then if they do then that month and the following month will be free. I cant remember the last time a national advertised in my zone. So I am sure he knows that as well…I agree it was a little risky on his part but he probably
A) needed the immediate sale
B) does not foresee any other option in my zone to be a threat.