Valentine's Day/Award Shows-Week of Feb. 7-13

Let’s discuss what everyone is doing for Valentine’s Day promotions. Anyone doing a heart-shaped pizza, a gift certificate package, delivering flowers for the local florist? Also, this Sunday is the Grammy Awards. Any specials being offered for this big TV night? Tell us your plans.

We are running a special for the entire month of February “bring Mr. Mom a Valentine and receive a FRE breadstick!” Our cost is very low on a breadstick. We are take and a bake only so anyone who brings a Valentine is here for a couple of pizzas too. So far it’s going great. I have handmade Valentines all over my walls. It looks great in here.

we do heart shaped pizzas every year. We announce it on the local radio stations, and we give away a stay at the sybaris ( a local romantic get away). we also do specials with the hotels in the area for the night. i start advertising february first and the heart pizzas start going out right away. Valentines day last year, i did about 250 heart shaped pizzas and only 3 round ones !

We also do a heart shaped pizza. I dont do any extra advertising or specials as we are already busy on Valentines day. Nothing extra for the awards shows either.

we sell the pizzas to the hotels at a lower price so they can use them as a part of their packages or as a bonus to their guests. We don’t make as much of each pizza, but we do make up for it in volume. Also i have a sign in sheet at the front desks for my drivers. every time they go to the hotel, they sign in. when the hotel gets 10 signatures, they get a free pizza! we have very very good pizza, and this gets us more recomendations from the front desks.

here’s an idea for you.

the local aldi’s had 1/2 dozen rose bouquets for 2.99 each. I bought 12 of them and resold them for $2.00 each, or $10.00 a bunch.
sold every one of them.

i guarentee i’ll be doing this again next year!


there’s a site selling Orgasms for Valentine’s Day.

(it’s a plush toy … cute, funny, downright different.)