Valentines Day Bigger then Super Bowl Sunday

Was Valentines Day big for everyone else as well?

I am shocked how busy we were. I was not expecting it to be that much busier then a typical Thursday, but did 200% more then last week Thursday. We did more in 5 hours (4-9) then we did all day on Super Bowl Sunday.

I think the Super Bowl Sunday hype actually hurts us because people assume we are going to be very busy and just don’t order.

I was too, double sales

We did almost double a normal Thursday trade and ran out of dough by 8.30pm.

We could have made more up but that meant cutting into our Friday dough so we let it go. Really pleased with the outcome doing $2,250 in 3.5 hours.


we killed it as well… some orders were an hour but i hope those customers understand…

It was in the top five days ever for us. We had a few really big orders that put us up over the top. Today could be big as well as we have four big pre-orders for lunch but tonight may be off as a result of Valentines. . .

We were busy for V-Day last year so we were ready. We cross promoted with a candy shop this year. We advertised their Valentines Day chocolate covered strawberries from 2/3-2/14 and they provided us with 100 bars of V-Day chocolate bars to give away.

Our customers were suprised and delighted to receive a nice big bar of chocolate with their order and it didn’t cost us a thing.

We also got hit hard. We were up about 90% over last year. Thur, Fri, and Sat are our bussiest days so I knew it would be extra busy and had extra staff on hand. I had to help with deliveries but that wasnt so bad I think I made about 25.00 bucks in tips on the 6 deliveries I had to make. I almost decided to get rid of a delivery guy so I could do more lol. Because we planed for a busy night I still had enough dough but we were cutting it close.

We got hit hard…very hard…up to 125 orders.

Then, with the wind blowing hard, we got a huge power surge that knocked our systems completely offline, and we had to stop taking orders about 7:00 p.m.

Man that stunk!

We did heart-shaped pizzas, which turned out to be a big hit. I’d do heart pizzas all the time if we could pull sales like Thursday night.