Valentines Day on a Sunday... any predictions?

Valentines has been a very good day for us in the past, but I’m not sure what to make of it being on a Sunday. We usually open at 2 on Sundays (vs. 11am every other day). I’m wondering if I should modify my hours for that day. Thoughts?

If you’re married or dating: take her out to lunch and open at 2. That’s my thought. :slight_smile:

I agree,take your better half out and do something for them. From what I’ve seen it’s usually busier in the evenings anyway on that day.

Yea, I think I’ll open for normal hours, but I’m going to prepare to be busier than a normal Sunday. Our heart-shaped pizzas were a hit last year.

pizzafantic did you have special pans for them?

Sales have crept upwards each year. I’m expecting the same this year, perhaps a tad more. I thought about specials but decided on none. I find it tough competing with the big boys on specials, so I pretty much decided to let them have at it. No, I don’t ‘match’ coupons.

We expect to be very busy. It’s usually the biggest day of the year. We do heart shaped pies as well and send a rose with each one. it’s amazing how many shocked faces our drivers see each year. We get a ton of out of towners calling for their loved one’s. Anyways it will hopefully be the biggest day again this year ,but that being said its usually a little better when Valentine’s day is in the middle of the week.

How do you guys make the heart shaped pizzas?

We have basically a cookie cutter. We use our med. dough then cut off the excees dough and reuse it.

I use a pizza press, which I think might make shaping hearts a little easier for me. I just make a rough shape of a heart with the dough, press it, and then shape it onto an “upsized” disc. Mediums go on large, Larges to on XL, etc. When they come out, I also upsize the box. I include a box a sweetheart candies in each pizza box since there’s a little extra room.
It’s a great spin that the people, especially the kids, just love.