valentines day

valentines day for us isn`t very busy usually and it will probably be worse this year being on a tuesday.what is everyone doing to increase sales on that day?
I have considered selling steaks as a 1 day thing in the past and last year I remember it was nice enough (and slow enough) where I could have done this.this comes mostly from my desire in owning a steak house but I was wondering everyones thoughts on this,or what specials you will be offering.

OK my initial thought is this sounds a little crazy. Steaks are not easy to make great. I understand your wanting to own a steakhouse but you are not. Are you setup for cooking steaks? What about sides? What about the high expense to prep with inventory and if people just dont get it? Can your staff cook? I think you should concentrate on what you know how too do and if you want to expand the menu dont just make it a one day thing. Just my thoughts.

I think I going to offer either a couple of pasta dinners salad and drinks for a set price or something similar.
my idea could be done by us.there is only 1 place to get steaks here in our town of 6k people,unless you count the thin t bone dinner they make at the mexican right hand employee worked at a steakhouse for many years before it closed and my wife at applebees for 7.all 3 of us can do sides,and the high expense wouldnt be an issue as I would do it with reservations only,and I love to eat steak.