Valentines Day

I know this has been covered several times but I am looking to start marketing for valentines day and was wondering if any one had any good ideas or promotions for this? I know there are many good ideas especially if you are a dine in operation. But being a pizza delco a lot of those options won’t work for me. I have considered doing a heart shaped pizza but I know Papa Johns does that so I want to try something different.

[SIZE=4]From the article written by @Liz Barrett PMQ,

Feel the Love On Valentine’s Day[/SIZE]

A pizzeria may not be the first place couples think of when it comes to a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day, but for those who choose to stay in, pizza has always been beautiful under the glow of candlelight. Woo the lovebirds into choosing your pizzeria with the following tactics.

1 Leading up to the big day, post social media photos of pizza, special offers and love messages such as, “You’ll always have a PIZZA my heart.”

2 Create a Valentine’s Day pizza—sweet or savory—shaped like a heart, and let your customers know via email that you can include a special message to their loved one and deliver it to their home or work before or on Valentine’s Day.

3 Purchase old-school valentines from the store and stick them on your pizza boxes during Valentine’s week as a sweet reminder that you love your customers.

awwww, I call #3!

OK, for a DELCO store I’m at a loss for Valentines Day if I can’t do a heart shaped pizza, maybe bundled with heart shaped cookies at a special price.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor