Valentine's Day

Does anyone know where you can purchase a heart-shaped pizza screen? Not a pan but a screen?

I wouldn’t bother with the heart shaped pizza. Valentine’s Day is one of our busiest days and we don’t do anything different. I was not expecting it our first year and we go slammed.

As far as where to find the screens, I don’t recall ever seeing a heart shaped screen, just pans.

When I worked at Domino a few years ago we did this.

I can promise you it is a bad idea.

First, they only look like hearts before they are cooked and cut.

Second, its a pain to do when its slow, and just about impossible to do when its not.

Third, when it does get busy and one doesn’t get done, they call wanting a refund.

Boston Pizza, a chain in Canada does this and it is huge…They tie it in to a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation…This year will mark the 17th year of this promotion and last year they donated over $325,000.00…

And because they can’t handle the volume in the local store it spills over to the rest of us without the expense of advertising.

We did this last year and had great success. We only offered Heart-Shaped on Mediums and Larges and charged an extra topping price for the service. There is no need for special screens or boxes. We just used the one size bigger… that is why we couldn’t do it on Extra Larges.

We use a pizza press so it is actually pretty simple to make a heart-shaped crust. In fact, by the end of the night, my pizza makers were whipping out hearts as fast as they did rounds. It may be a little more difficult with a sheeter.

Tim is right, they don’t look as good as when they come out of the oven. But it’s a novelty and my customers seemed to enjoy it nevertheless.

I have to say that it’s not a bad idea if you can execute it well. We charge the little extra to cover the box cost difference and only make a few extra cents. But it’s pretty cool to see customers, especially kids light up when they see their pie come out like a heart.