Vantiv Credit Card Processing

Anyone have any experience with these guys? Everything I’ve looked up has been very mixed reviews from highh praises to avoiding them like the plague.

They are currently offering me interchange + .20% + .10 per transaction.

You can find VERY useful information from many other users on this post:

Well apparently I should be very thankful my pizza skills are better than my forum searching skills lol

Thank you!

Lol :slight_smile: you’re most welcome!

Some of the franchisees in our company use Vantiv and pay interchange plus 3 cents per transaction. The problem that most have with Vantiv is zero customer service.

I use Vantiv i get interchange + 3 cents
2.2-2.4 effective rate.
No issues easy to setup.
Customer service is like any other call center, ‘were experiencing higher than normal call volume, youre current wait time is 39 minutes’
Only had one issue a couple weeks ago none of my payments were going through, the terminal just said receiving for 45 seconds then said unsuccessful, of course it was on Friday, there was a line of customers building up. Nervously I told the customer there was an issue with my CC processer I took his phone number and asked if he could call me back after lunch, once the issue was resolved. He assured me he would, and I trusted him. Fortunately all the other customers in line had cash. Long story short, Vantiv was having some kind of tech issues everywhere they fixed the problems within the hour, but the first customer never called to pay for his food nor answrrrd my phone calls. Im not that upset to have lost that sale. More annoyed that customer will prob never come back thinking ill remember he never paid.

Lol, just had another one of those this week. We automatically know those are lost sales.

We have used them since October of last year. We get interchange+.10 which comes out to around 2.4-2.5% effective rate. Have not had a single issue with them. The reps that helped me get set up were very helpful and gave me their direct contact info if I had any questions or issues. They also do our gift card processing.

Same experience with Vantiv. Call center is the same as with any other company, but once you get a hold of the right person, they always provide a direct line to contact them with any issues.

Much better service over all from my previous company. I gave up ever trying to get in contact with my rep. She NEVER answered or returned my calls, and the call center was the worse i have ever dealt with (and this coming from someone who used to work in a call center).

We’ve had vantiv for a little over a year. We we’re not affected by the most recent issue that December brought up. Call wait times can be pretty bad but having Speedline and Vantiv makes the setup a breeze. We’re at 3cents/per transaction and 0% above interchange. Brings our effective rate right around 2.3%. We also negotiated the gift cards down to $20/month per location. I think it’s typically $29.99/month

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Steves :arrow_up: Post about Vantiv awhile back convinced me to use them. (I hope you got that referral bonus! I mentioned it to Seth btw)
Its by far the best ive ever used and the lowest cost.
The issue I mentioned above was minor in comparison to how much money it saved me to switch

PM me your info. They never did give me the bonus! I’ll follow up with them. I’m not sure Seth is still there.

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I’m currently switching from Vantiv to Heartland. Vantiv required a 5-year “you’ll owe us all the fees still if you leave early” contract to match Heartland’s rates whereas Heartland is essentially letting me go month-to-month with them to earn my business. I’d still be with Vantiv if they didn’t require an Oath of Fealty to get a decent rate.

I’ve always thought Vantiv had great customer service. Call center is always prompt and professional when needing credits or transaction searches performed. I don’t remember any long hold times waiting to speak to a rep, but then again I have multiple accounts with AT&T so my bar is set pretty low on that sort of thing. Heartland’s web portal is a bit more intuitive to use though.