Variable Closing Times - How to manage online

We close our dining room several hours before we stop delivering. Does anyone else have a similar operation?

Any advice on how to manage hours of operation on sites like Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor? They seemingly only allow businesses to list one set of hours.


We close our dining room 1 hour before close (expect Sunday’s when we close early, then it closes when we do). It is partly a safety issue and partly a cleaning issue.

I do not like having customers in the store when i am doing work outside of the kitchen and unable to watch the counter. Also being able to get the customer cleaned before we close is a huge bonus (when we are slow enough to accomplish that anyways :smiley: ).

Wouldn’t worry about those sites. Have it on your website, really that’s the only thing you have complete control of when it comes to how you want to present your online information

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Working on this with Yelp/Eat24 this week. Will keep you posted on that in case they have an option.