VCM Question

I’m considering purchasing a VCM for my new store and wondering if anybody has any input on this. I should mention that we will NOT be using it to make dough.

We currently shred cheese on a 60qt Hobart and dice all of our veggies by hand using a Nemco. I’m expecting the new store to do roughly 3-4 times the volume as my current store, so I need to speed things up a bit.

How does it do with cheese? What do the veggies look like when they come out? I love the way our pizzas look with 3/8" diced vegetables, but I’m willing to sacrafice a bit of the look for some efficiency. I just can’t fathom having somebody hand dice that many tomatoes, green peppers and onions everyday. My arm is usually ready to fall off after just doing our current store.

We use our VCM just for cheese. It dices 24 pounds of cheese in less than 20 seconds. I can do 400 pounds of cheese by myself from cases to chese bins in twenty to thirty minutes. We use the nemco slicer for our veggies and can’t imagine doing them in the vcm. I imagine the onions would look like the diced onions on your mickey dee burger.

I agree, the VCM is fine for cheese, but it is not what I would want for my veggies, unless you want to slurp them through a straw. Think if the VCM as a giant blender, pop a few of your favorite veggies into one and ask yourself if this is what I want to put onto my pizza. If you can find someone who has one for testing, you might try a Hobart Buffalo chopper. We have used these for making slaw and salad fixin’s, and it MIGHT work for your veggies too, but give it a test drive first.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use a Robot Coupe with a dicer attachment for quite a few of our veggies, and it works great! Very efficient, and the product is consistent.

Love the VCM foe cheese VERY FAST. I use a Ditto Dean for the veggies.

The VCM is great for cheese. The labor savings going from the Hobart to a VCM has been tremendous.

Hi Piper: The postings above are excellent.


works great with 100% provolone 100 % mozzarella tends to be moist so u might have to use an anticoagulant it will change texture and taste slightly. As far as green peppers and onions it tends to turn them to juice by the time u get them small enough to put on pizza"s