vcm vs a hobart mixer

if you had to chose one which would it be? Does the vcm do ok on making dough? how is the Hobart when cutting blocks of cheese?

We have been using a VCM now for 12 years for both dough and cheese. Mixes a batch of dough based on 25 lbs of flour in 2.5 minutes and handles 20-22 lbs of cheese from block in 25 seconds.

We ran prep for both locations on this one machine for 10 years.

No question in my mind I would do it this way again.

VCM - best kept secret
better for dough and for cheese

I have a Hobart VCM at 1 store and a 60Qt upright (not Hobart) at my other
I don’t think there’s a noticeable difference in the taste of the dough


The only real issue with the VCM is that it is not the best mixer for use in making sauce. When it comes to making sauce, think of it as a giant Waring Blender, it exerts a lot of shear on the tomato which causes it to break down and release water, so you need to be very careful when mixing sauce in a VCM, but then the same is trus when mixing dough in a VCM too, 15-seconds can be the difference between a dough and a pudding.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor