Vegan Options?

My wife has suddenly decided to change our lifestyle to vegan (vegetarian no eggs or dairy products). We are exploring the option of adding vegan style dishes to the menu at the restaurant.

Does anyone have experience using soy cheeses in Italian dishes and on pizza? If so, what are the best products to use? And are there any heating tips/guidelines that should be followed?

Thanks for your help.

I have a Seventh day adventist collefe in town and they mostly just have vegie pizzas with cheese but sometimes they do ask fo a vegan pizza and I have found a good soy cheese through my supplier but it is a house brand and they are only in the Alberta area. I will see if they will tell me who makes it for them and if they do I will post the information. The other option is to get some samples from your suppliers and see what works best.

We’ve been using the Galaxy soy cheese substitute, but it’s NOT vegan. The key ingredient to look for is casiene, some do have lactic acid as well. We found a vegan cheese sub at Whole Foods Market, and have worked a deal with them, but it’s not shredded.

Neither of these is cheap, but finding a distributor to deal with us in smaller quantities than a market sells has been tough.