Anybody book their trip to the Vegas Pizza show yet? I am about to book mine. This is my first time and hope it is going to be worthwhile, if not I hope I atleast have fun away from the shop for 5 days. - Crusher

I haven’t booked yet but plan on going. I may close the shop to have it repainted while I am away.

booked and competing in the contest…you coming Daddio?

Did you guys book your travel and hotel through there service of on your own?

I was able to shop prices online and get better deals, also I did a big christmas party for our local Holiday Inn and in turn they got me unbeatable rates at the vegas hotel.

Yes I will also be going again this year I dont have any semminars to do this time but will be participating in a marketing discussion panel so I hope to see you all there. I was just looking at booking my hotel and couldnt find any better deals then what I could get through the pizza expo site Where did you find your prices Rockstar whice site are you using? For example I can stay at NYNY for 98 a night but the cheapest I found online was 126.00 so hey if ya can save me a buck buy sending me in the right direction that would be great!

Pizzaguy just go to and just put the lowest amount you wish to spend. It just depends on what your looking for in a hotel. I booked rooms at the Stratosphere for $36.75 a night.

I went last year. Take advantage of all the free seminars. I spent to much time dinking around in the show.
Seminars were cool, weather was great, …tons of stuff to do after the show.

I’ll be there along with the owner of Taradel. I was in NY for the Pizza Show last year and it was great - Vegas should be a blast! It’d be a real pleasure to meet you guys and gals at the show! …I better start brushing up on my Blackjack skills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris, no reason to brush up on those skills! Just sit at a table with me and as I lose all my money, everyone else seems to hit blackjacks or pull 5’s when they hit on 16’s! Just take advantage of the good luck that accompanies my losing and be ready to work the pizza show with a few cobwebs to shake out of your head. Viva Las Vegas!!!

Sounds like a plan to me! :smiley:

Last time I played blackjack my friend won $1,300.00 and I sat next to him and lost $400.00 of his winnings…Net gain for him $900.00 in a few hours…Most times we go to the casino with $50.00, play the nickel slots and get a great prime rib buffet dinner and come home empty of cash with full bellies…

Last pizza show I went to was in the early 80s…Lots of great ideas can be gathered at these shows…Plus the networking contacts can last a lifetime…

I just booked my trip. Can’t wait. I think we should try to plan a ThinkTankers Party on one of the nights. I know it is no a PMQ event, but alot of us are going to be there and it would be cool to meet up.

As usual, I’ll be there too. Going in a day early to give a presentation to the frozen pizza manufacturers, then participate in the Pizza Expo seminars and other activities. I usually have a chance to meet with a number of the PMQ Think Tankers at the B & B session.
This will be te first year that we won’t be seeing our old friend (deceased) Otis Gunn at P.E.
For any newbies, going this year, be sure to pack a larger bag than you actually need. You can fill the extra space with all the literature you have gathered at the show. As with any show, PMQ or Pizza Today, be sure to take advantage of all the free information available at the many booths, and review the seminar schedule to see which ones you want to attend. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people, get different perspectives on things, and gain new networking contacts. Every show is a winner.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We do not attend the pizza show, but we do go to vegas twice a year to buy for a retail store we own. I just booked a two bedroom condo a block off the center of the stip for five nights for $525 total. This is in a resort with swiming pools, tennis courts etc etc.

Found it on Craigslist.

I’ll be there! Chris and Paul - I’ll join your blackjack table! 8)