Vegetable chopper

Which vegetable chopper you use to cut capsicum
Even chicken

We use this for slicing cooked chicken for pizza topping, also for slicing roasted red peppers.

We use this to cut our onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.

We use this to slice our feta cheese

And we use this to dice our tomatoes

So we do have plenty of options

We use a Robot Coup R2N. Between the s-blade & 2 attachments for the hopper (I think they came with them, we use 2mm & 4mm) - that machine is responsible for: slicing chicken, sausage, meatballs, onions, peppers, and jalapenos, as well as food processing many of our dressings/sauces. We bought one brand new and then watched eBay for an open box auction for a backup base/motor.

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same here except we use RobotCoup CL52 that can also shred cheese as well as everything else

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Iā€™m planning on getting the 52 soon. We currently use the 50

We use a robot coupe cl50 for pretty much everything. Cheese, veggies etc

We do have a vegetable chopper but when we chop capsicum in that it all squeezed and water come up from capsicum
Same for tomato

We cant cut chicken in that

Cut into smaller chunks so youre not smooshing the vegetable and sharpen the blades or get new blades

The more times a blade or knife goes through the vegetables the more water its going to release.

Diced vegetables release alot more liquid than a minimally sliced vegetable

Is this the correct one From Australia

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