Veggie prep-best veggie slicer

Hi all. First post but i have been lurking here for about 4 months. I opened Nov of last year, boy what a lifestyle change! Any way, i have been looking at a NEMCO easy slicer for my veggie prep. I have only 2 girls that can cut a tomato worth a dang and with any form of consistency. Also, as of present, i am using diced, frozen green peppers. Okay…eat on me for a while…but that is what i was told to use by my set up guy. I want to go to fresh but i know the rest of my girls would masacre my peppers. Anyone use the Nemco, and if not, what type is the best. Thanks for any and all replies…RG

here’s what I reccomend for a veggie slicer, but get the 3/8 inch blade spacing: … 17.0.7.htm

I do not know anything about the vendor, just the first I came to with a google search

Nemco are GODS in food prep equipment. I bought an Easy Slicer with adjustable blade on Craig’s List for $75 delivered. I cannot imagine the sun even rising in the sky before this machine arrived in my life. We used to mangle our bell peppers on a straight blade mandolin every week. If the peppers were not precisely crisp, then they get mushy and don’t cut so well as fingers.

The Easy Slicer is multi-purpose, and has been used to cut tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, lemons . . . dice zucchini (had to cut into sticks first), and shave chocolate. If I am doing one or two pieces of something, my 10" chef knife will be quicker. But, when doing 5# of onions, the slicer zips through and gives a consistent slice width. See if you can find one used . . . they are over $200 new. I have not yet regretted the decision, and it would have paid for itself inside 6 months if I had bought it new. I was buying pre-sliced onions and throwing out 20%-30% usually. Now I pay a fraction per pound for whole onions, and get 100% usage out of a 25# case.

Get off the frozen diced peppers and get a slicer . . . you will not regret it. Even the lever action one Paul7979 showed will be good with several blade sizes for various application. Be gentle with the tomatoes, though, so you don’t mush them before slicing.

Thanks for the advice Nick. Im gonna get one comming today.