Veggies-Diced or Sliced?

How do you guys do it? Things like onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Is one way better than the other?

To me diced vegetables remind me of grocery store pizza. We slice onions and green peppers using a Nemco Easy Onion slicer. We slice roma tomatoes by hand.

I agree with Paul. We used to use a Tomato Witch but it eventually wore out. We do them all by hand.

We slice everything, it does not get lost in the cheese when we do it that way.
We use a hobart deli slicer to do our onions very thin, across the grain, but we also have a few other things on our menu that get sliced onions, so this gives us dual use out of one product.

I ahve also found that some people like to pick toppings off a pizza, this makes it easier for them to do that too.

Sliced diced looks cheap and being able to pick toppings off like @GotRocks suggested is a good idea this one didnt cross my mind and its something i do lol

I want to buy one. Do you have the 1/4" cut or the 3/16"?