Veggies watering when cooking

I have been having a problem for a while now where veggie topped pizzas are producing a significant Amount of watering when cooking. We are baking in conveyor ovens and I have tried a slew of different oven configs to fix it but nothing seems to help. My older conveyor ovens didn’t have this problem can anyone offer some insight?

Most problematic veggie with watering for me was green peppers. Now I just roasted them in the oven for a couple mins in a pizza pan, let them cool, then add them to the make line. For tomatoes, we use grape tomatoes cut in half length-wise and place them face up (cut-side up) on the pizza. The rest of our veggies don’t put off much moisture.

Green peppers and mushrooms for me, we use fresh mushrooms.

F8D0EE50-9E0D-4E29-BA40-43B4C1563D3E.jpeg Try using a sprinkling of panko breadcrumbs on top of the cheese BEFORE the veggies.
Theyre tasteless unnoticeable and will help with the moisture

This is the problem that brought me to Think Tank 14 years ago. The solution I used was to increase the cooking time and reduce the temperature.

I remember reading things like :
[INDENT]Time cooks and temperature browns
Good food isn’t fast and fast food isn’t good[/INDENT]

We will also blot off a pizza that gets excessively watery with a paper towel after it is baked to help soak up excess moisture. Also, push these pizzas back into the oven for another minute or 2. You can’t expect that an oven will perfectly cook a pizza that is just cheese or loaded with veggies. Adjustments need to be made. We push in cheese pizzas. All others run all the way through. Lots of toppings (w/ vegs) usu get pushed back

We used to use fresh mushrooms and we had the same problem. Mushrooms are like 90% water! We switched to canned mushrooms and that solved the problem.

What’s the cost of canned mushrooms? Never used them before, just curious.

When making vegetable laden pizzas in an air impingement oven your best approach is to follow Daddio’s lead and slow the oven down which may also entail baking at a slightly lower temperature. In some cases I’ve found it necessary to also reconfigure the top finger profile. If you have a closed position (common) on the top profile this can be replaced with one that is partially open to flow more air to the top of the pizza in conjunction with a slightly lower baking temperature this will allow for more drying of the top of the pizza while preventing the top from getting over done.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom always nas the best answers

George Mills

I’d like know how they taste as well as how much they cost. I use fresh mushrooms but I see a lot go to waste as well. I’d like to use canned mushrooms if the taste is good.

Canned Mushrooms are about $6 for #10 can. Try a can and see how you like it.