vehicle vinyl

anyone try this?
I asked this company and still no response.
anyone else know a good source?

A partial to complete wrap will cost from $1,500 to $3,500…Now some will say that is a lot of money…But when you consider the exposure you get and how long it lasts it has a very low cost per impression…If you get 1 1/2 years out of a $3,500 job it is only $45.00 per week…How many other ways can you get such impact for such a low cost?..RCS…

We’ve done wraps in two different styles.

#1 Cost about $4000 from design to application. Covered entrie vehicle except for the roof.

#2 Every car since we put our logos on the sides and back with our phone numbers. Think design costs were about $400 (can’t remember for sure) and the application itself was $675.

IMO, in most cases it is just as effective to do spot decals around the vehicle rather than doing a complete wrap.

$1000 vs $4000

IMO again, do the $1000 option and see how you like it. Better than doing the $4000 option and not being impressed.

One of our drivers crashed our $4000 option . . .

i agree that you can get a full wrap effect with a partial wrap price if planned properly…mine cost approx $1,200 each and worth every penny

Best advertising money I ever spent. EASILY. $1700 on the first one and $2500 on the second(more coverage). Make sure to get a reputable company to do it. You want it to last. Most people advertise that they do this and then they sub it out. Deal with the people who are making the graphics and installing it.