Vehicle Wraps

Paul7979 has his Smart Car wrapped and it looks great. Does anyone else have a wrapped vehicle? If so, can you post pictures and tell us if the wrap has been effective as a form of advertising and branding.

I am about to buy a Scion xB and will be doing a complete wrap on it. I will post pictures when its done.

I would really like to hear the experences of other pizza place that have wrapped vehicles.

PM famouspizza and ask him to send pictures of his Honda Elements. They’re not fully wrapped, but the lettering and logos draw attention and build brand awareness. The more brand awareness, the more comfortable someone is becoming your customer because they believe you will be there tommorow to serve them the same great pizza they’re ordering today.

i also just bought scion xb with intensions of wrapping it. after checking on it i just couldnt stomach the bill 1800-2200 for partial wrap 3000- 3500 for full weve decided to go with just old school viynal graphics found a co that does wraps and and regular working with them now. we live in real rural area so i just couldnt justify it maybe later i can. meanwhile on local tv station my ad runs 3 times a day on tues and thur for 100 dollars a month and the ad looks real nice getting lot of response from it and have ad that runs on local radio every day 5 times for 95 a month so the money i saved hope it will work in other areas.

$3500 over 2 years is only $150 per month…I doubt there is any where else you can get a better return on a $150.00 per month investement…While travelling recently I saw a “wrapped” Smart Car…I followed it and talked with the owner…He said his sales went up 30% almost immediately…Now I think that kind of return is somewhat dependent on your market but even if it is 1/2 that, it is a good deal…

AS long as I have the $3500 up front to pay for it :frowning:

I believe you should be able to find someone to wrap a scion for around $2000. For my Smart car I had price quotes ranging from $1500 to over $3000 so it definatly pays to shop around.

I did my '92 4-Runner the beginning of May (I know, it’s pretty old, but in nearly new condition). Paid $1500 for a 3/4 wrap - keep it parked virtually 24/7 on the major street at the complex I’m in (about 50,000 cars/day). My sales the 4 weeks prior to doing the wrap avg about 10,500; last 4 weeks avg $12,400. In 12 weeks, I’d say it brought in over $20k in sales, and counting. My situation may be different - my storefront is far enough off the street that none of those 50,000 per day could see it, the shopping center has very limited signage available, so it was a no brainer for me.