Vendors Getting Orders Wrong

Has anyone else been dealing with constant errors in orders from your vendors lately?
Every week it’s something. I order wings they mispick breasts, I buy white boxes they bring brown. Charge me for white etc etc. Then I have to wait until the next truck comes out in a few days, pay another fuel surcharge on the new invoice with correct items, then wait 3 weeks constantly reminding the reps for my credit.
Im seriously getting sick of it.

Anyone have a way to get these vendors to do their jobs better?

I recommend all my customers that they order online. Two reasons. We all know extra steps increase chance for errors. That and it lets me spend my time with customers on things that are more impactful then taking an order. I may be different because I was an owner, but I’m always looking for ways to help my customers. Lastly, distribution has the same issue as everyone else, finding good people. Warehouse people get paid well, but it’s not an easy job and the turnover is high. I would short pay the delivery fee on the second delivery. Especially if not your mistake. I also recommend paying online.

There’s several reasons paying online is better. First and foremost, had I known how many stops my salesman makes in a day with my checking account information I would have never paid by check. Second is cash flow. If they see a payment is scheduled for say 2 or 3 days after the due date they will likely release your order. As long as you are a consistently good payer. Most credit decisions aren’t local anymore.

I do everything as you described, I order online to eliminate the verbal miscommunication. Thats why its so frustrating.
Just this morning a truck is supposed to drop off the white pizza boxes I use and pick up the brown ones that were mispicked.
The driver doesn’t have a pick up slip for the boxes

During the delivery, we have 1 person dedicated to matching what is being offloaded from truck vs our order sheet. If something is wrong we refuse delivery of that item.
Our truck drivers (sysco) have a electronic system where they can note the mispick and it auto credits us in 24 to 48 hrs

Ridiculous. Every check you ever paid contains the same information including all the checks paid to all the employees you ever had.