I have just hooked up my pizza oven and put the “Flue” through the roof…I am by law not required to use a ventalation system or ansel.

Do you think that when i get busy my store will fill with smoke or will the flue take care of that?

I have a flue and a vent system. The vent got turned off about 1/2 hour ago and by for some strange reason the kitchen got hard to see through.

Yep, you’re going to fill with smoke. I did the exact same thing as you with the flue, and realized we had a problem the first time we got busy. The kitchen and dining room filled with a lot of smoke.

We eventually corrected it with an exhaust fan and make-up air.

Was it expensive? and were are you?

Hi Pakula’s

Where are you located? I did not think there was any place where a hood was not required.

The national building code, BOCA code, requires it and make up air to replace all exhasted air.

Not only will a hood remove smoke but quite a bit of the heat would be removed and make working more confortable.

If I had the make and size of your oven I could give you the cost of a hood.

George Mills

Cost me $4,000. We’re in a dry area, so we installed a 6,500 CFM swamp cooler to provide make-up-air for the 6,500 CFM exhaust fan. Acts to cool the kitchen down while removing the smoke and heat.

I’d say you’re better off installing a hood from day 1. George said it’s a federal building code, so we may have gotten away with something. Our city approved it after seeing the SA certification from Blodgett that it could be installed with a direct flue… but that doesn’t mean they were 100% versed in the national building code.

I am located not far from nyc. there is definatly no code about running just a flue but i definatly have to do somtething about that.

Hello Pakula,I’m shocked that there are still place that will allow you to not have a hood w/exaust for this releases the gasses/carbonmonoxide out of the area let alone all of the heat it will bring you in the summer.A hood will cost 1000.00 per ft…So if you have a 6’wide oven your looking at an 8’ wide hood which will be about 8000.00 this maybe a little cheaper w/ out the ansul system.You can find some great deals on E-Bay though.The hoods aren’t hard to put up at all just be sure to find the studs.


I just had my inspection today by the fire inspector. I don’t know why but i do not need a vent. just a flue is ok…still shopping around for the best price on my exhaust, going into winter im not sure i need to rush it

Hi Pakula’s

I am often surprise by what happens around the nation.

By code the fire marshal has nothing to say about hoods except if there should be a fire protection system or not. It is the building inspector who by code has the say regarding ventilation.

If the fire marshal has let you only vent the oven out the flue he has not granted you a favor. Not just because the heat in the summer may be intolerable. You will be lucky if your oven burns 75 to 80% of the gas. Some of that unburned gas will go out the flue. Just as much will remain in the oven and will be expelled into the room. That is a dangerous situation and can eventually result in medical problems for you and your staff.

George Mills