Ventless fryers

I was hoping to get more information on ventless fryers, The new location we are looking at is becoming a challenge to pipe out the exhaust and started looking at this option. If anyone has one or has used one can you give me an idea of how they compare to a floor mount fryer? Capacity, speed etc? Also which ones are recommended ?

Appreciate all the help!

I have used the AutoFry MTI-10 and MTI-40. They have a hard time keeping up with large orders. They do not work at all if you use fresh wings. The chicken sticks to the so-called “non stick” baskets.
The vent blows grease onto the ceiling over time.
I switched to a floor mount system with a hood.

I used to own a ventless pressure fryer…got it used on ebay…handled production like a regular fryer…I would go that way vs mini solution…these days we just prebake our wings, cool, sauce to order & run thry the conveyor…no complaints & rave reviews…

We started out using the Perfect Fry PFC fryer because the landlord would not let us put a hole in the roof for a hood. They worked great except for the capacity. I switched to the Broaster VF3 fryers for greater capacity. They are expensive to buy, but they work great. We sell a lot of wings and appetizers!

I agree the Broaster units are your best bet.
George Mills

I have thought about expanding our menu and the endless reasons to and not to. But one should seriously think through the long term goals and your business strategy. It makes sense to optimize existing equipment and think about process flows. It seems easy or just human nature to complicate for no reason once business has started and there is cash flow. I guess I would think about Patriot’s post and consider, unless you don’t have a pizza oven already running during open hours.

I’m actually now leaning towards a ventless hood system instead due to the volume issue. One of our huge sellers are wings and i’m not sure the ventless fryer would keep up even off peak times.