Ventless pizza oven?

does anyone knows if there is a conveyor style ventless pizza oven? Does anything similar exist? i would be interested in such an oven for a location that doesn`t allow me to install a type 1 hood.

There are several vent less conveyor ovens on the market. What size pizzas will you bake and how many per your busiest hour?

Be advised that with out an
exhaust hood of some type substantial heat will be generated in the baking srea.

George mills

TurboChef has a conveyor system…pricey…I’ve used a few of their other products over the years…was a beta user for the 1st oven…

I’m looking at the TurboChef 20/20 or the MM Wow for a small, lower volume shop. Comments on reliability and preferences? Much obliged.

Just what my clients and many posts on this forum have indicated

Get Edge Ovens

George Mills

Thanks George. Any vendors in the Portland area?

Get it through @George Mills

Roger that.